#1 Same Day Grocery Delivery Service In The UK

Same day grocery delivery service in the UK

Online shopping is more convenient and time-saving than visiting a local grocery shop. People prefer shopping online from apps or websites that offer same day grocery delivery. With the increasing traffic in the city, it is very difficult and time consuming for people to visit a local grocery shop to buy groceries. For the reason that they would instead order groceries online from their phone or laptop and get it delivered right to their doorstep.

Same day Grocery delivery-Locally Best
Same day grocery delivery service- Locally

How supermarkets online grocery delivery services are increasing in the UK?

As a result, with the past few years, the UK supermarkets go to diverse changes in their selling patterns. By the time, people are converting to online stores. The move is due to the advancement of technology and due to the widespread use of the internet all the employees are replaced with online selling on the internet.

Therefore, all supermarkets are changing for new business models and improving their online grocery service.
Consequently, you will see various factors that help supermarkets and other competitors to attract customers and gain more sales.

Does local grocery shops affect by supermarket’s same day grocery delivery service?

Of course, Supermarket same day grocery delivery service is affecting the UK local grocery shops and on the other hand, we see a dull future for independent local grocery retailers in the coming years. In addition, UK Supermarket online grocery delivery services are much more than a simple local grocery shop.

Co-op Robotic-Grocery-delivery
Co-op robot grocery delivery service

Another important thing to be considered here, that is the reason behind the downfall of local grocery shops is that they did not update their business model with modern technologies and failing to differentiate their true competitors. The grocery shop next to your shop is not your real competitors but the growing supermarkets and their online service killing the independent local grocery shop businesses.

Locally Best same day Grocery delivery service

Finally, let’s discuss what is LOCALLY BEST and what are the advantages that local grocery shop can gain by joining to LOCALLY BEST on-demand grocery delivery marketplace and improve their local business.

Fast grocery Delivery boy delivering groceries
On-demand Grocery delivery service- Locally best

LOCALLY BEST is an on-demand grocery delivery marketplace specially built for UK local businesses to connect their local customers online and sell products & Services. LOCALLY BEST we offer same day grocery delivery from your local grocery shop to your doorstep in just under 60 minutes. Also, Click & Collect in 15 Minutes.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of Seller Services and tools that help creative entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their businesses. Above all, We bring convenience and great customer care to local shops online. As a result, Using our marketplace customer benefit by being able to shop online from their local shops and local businesses can gain more customers by providing online service.

Top 10 reasons: Why you need to join Locally Best grocery delivery service?

  1. Increase your retail sales
  2. Fixed minimum order amount and Sale guaranteed
  3. Our detailed reports & Statements
  4. Same day grocery delivery service (Grocery delivery in 60 minutes)
  5. Low Maintenance Cost
  6. Sellers Do Not Require Technical Knowledge
  7. High Traffic Marketplace
  8. Free Marketing and SEO
  9. Excellent Customer Service
  10. Finally and most importantly you can proudly compete with supermarket grocery delivery services 

Same-Day Grocery Delivery In 60 Minutes
  • Increase your retail sales

Research studies reveal that only 20% of the population do shopping at their local shops. By providing online service to your local people you can reach up to 40%

  • Fixed minimum order amount and Sale guaranteed

You can fix your minimum order amount and guarantee minimum sales from each transaction. Our recommended minimum order amount of £15.

  • Our detailed reports & Statements

Our reports & statements will help to manage your inventory system. We will provide information like popular products in your area and how to add them to your store.

  • Same Day Grocery Delivery Service

Sellers can deliver their orders using our LOCALLY BEST DELIVERY SERVICE (LBDS).

LOCALLY BEST we offer Same-day grocery delivery service in 60 minutes

  • Low Maintenance Cost

LOCALLY BEST Online Store maintenance cost is less than your physical store. ( Fittings, lights and other maintenance)

Find out more about our subscriptions and costs.

  • Sellers Do Not Require Technical Knowledge

With limited computer skills, sellers can run their online stores. Our developers designed our marketplace simple and very user-friendly.  

  • High Traffic Marketplace

We will connect all type of local businesses in our marketplace. This will help us to increase traffic to our   Marketplace and more chances people can buy your products.

  • Free Marketing and SEO

We will provide free marketing and SEO tools to promote your business around your local area.

  • Excellent Customer Service

We will provide 24/7 customer service to our registered retail partners.

  • Finally and most importantly you can proudly compete with supermarket grocery delivery services 

What are you waiting for? it is a great opportunity to join LOCALLY BEST and provide online and delivery service to your local customers. To register your business at LOCALLY BEST click here

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