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Why partner with Locally Best?

The UK's first dedicated super app for local businesses

Get online and deliver to local customers

Get online

Turn your retail store into an online store and increase products visibility.


Reach new customers

Reach to new demographics in your area and increase sales and profit.

Become a business partner with Locally Best

Grow business

Grow your business with powerful tools, reports and support.

What makes us different?


Dedicated Super App

Locally Best is a UK’s first dedicated superapp that connects multiple local services and consumers in a single app. This helps us to bring more traffic and sales to your store compared to other standalone apps.

Flexible Pricing

We offer flexible plans to fit all business sizes and types. With us you can offer delivery service at retail price with no commission or monthly fees.


Express Delivery

We can deliver your order with our drivers, or you can maintain full control of the customer experience with your own drivers.

How does Locally Best work?

The UK's first dedicated super app for local businesses


Sign up

Tell us about your store information and list the items from our database or upload your own .


Receive order

Upon successful store activation, customers can browse your products and place orders.


We deliver

Locally best drivers pick up and deliver to customers or use your own drivers.

Our partners

Nisa Local
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We are proud of our exclusive features

Display Promotions

You can reach to new customers and get more sales by displaying special deals and weekly promotions in your store.


Picker App

Using our picker app store manager can assign multiple staffs to pick different orders at the same time. This way you can quickly and conveniently process your orders.


Real-time Substitute Recommendation

Your customers can approve or reject substitutes in real time to assure right product is delivered.

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Why choose us?

We provide a unique platform for local businesses to reach out to their potential customers and serve them in a prompt and convenient manner.

Deliver at retail price

High commission fees to third-party delivery platforms will result in markups on store products, causing loss of profit. With our integrated delivery platform, you can reach new customers without increasing product prices.


Your earnings will be transferred on a weekly basis; however, you can request an instant payment if necessary. Once your request has been approved, your funds will be sent to your account immediately.

Inventory Management

Inventory system allows you to manage your inventory seamlessly anytime and anywhere. Also, it gives you the power to control your products and prices.

Store Dispatcher

The store dispatcher enables you to increase your profit by managing your own drivers more effectively. Customers can get update and track orders in real time.

Advanced Technology

Our cutting-edge cloud-based technology allows us to offer you a revolutionary website and mobile app that brings more convenient to your potential customers.


We are proud to offer prompt, friendly customer service. In addition , we provide both digital and traditional marketing support to help our business partners succeed.

Don’t take our word for It

Hear from our business partners

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"Locally Best has helped me grow my business 3X in the last 6 months of using the platform. We are very happy with the results, the service is great and they are very professional. We love the fact that they have a mobile app because it is so easy for us to manage the orders. It's very straightforward to use and has allowed me to focus on what I do best, running a delivery service, while Locally Best helps me grow my customer base and get new customers signing up for deliveries.


Nisa Local (Manager)

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"I have saved thousands of pounds with Locally best delivery service. I have terminated my contract with high commission marketplaces such as Deliveroo and uber eats .Locally Best's online ordering system is easy to use and the staff is friendly and incredibly helpful. Their user-friendly platform allows my customers to order online and pick up their food with ease. I'm really impressed with Locally Best's customer service!


Grill House (Owner)

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"We are a small café in the South of England and we have been using Locally Best for just over 6 months now. I can honestly say that the online ordering system has been amazing! Our sales have increased dramatically since opening the online store. The customer service is second to none, they are always there to help me with any problems I may have. I would recommend Locally Best to everyone!


Will Cafe (Owner)

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Thousand of local shoppers cannot wait to see what you have in your store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for your services?

We understand that not all businesses are the same. Which is why we offer three flexible memberships for all our business partners! You can choose the membership based on commission or weekly fee, depending on what’s best suited for your business type, size and budget.

Contact us today, one of our sales team member will get in touch with you. click here

Is there any fee to join Locally Best?

There is no joining fee. You can join Locally Best and start delivering orders right away.

Can I use my own device to process customer orders?

Off course. We provide store admin panel, store dispatcher, and picker app for you to process customer orders. Store admin panel and dispatcher require desktop devices, and the picker app can be used on Android or iOS devices.

To print your order receipt, you will need a thermal receipt printer.

Do you provide a software solution to manage and monitor my own drivers?

Yes absolutely. Dispatching orders in a store is made possible by the Store Dispatcher feature, which allows drivers to be managed more effectively. Orders can be tracked in real time and drivers can be assigned based on their availability. Customers can also be updated of order status, and can track the delivery of their orders in real time.

Do you provide delivery services?

Yes absolutely. We have a team of professional drivers who can ensure that your orders will be delivered on time. Let us take the worry out of your deliveries so you can focus on running your business.

How soon will you pay my earnings?

Your earnings will be transferred on a weekly basis; however, you can request an instant payment if necessary. Once your request has been approved, your funds will be sent to your account immediately.

Do you have service in my area?

We are rapidly expanding in several cities across the country. However, if you’re outside our service area, you can still join us offer click & collect and delivery service using your own drivers.

Contact us for check service availability. click here

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