About us

Locally Best online marketplace specially built for local businesses to connect their local customers online in the United Kingdom. The local shoppers can benefit by being able to shop online from their local shops and local businesses can gain more customers by providing online service.

Grocery delivery

We deliver groceries from the local grocery shop to customers doorstep in 90 minutes or less. We continue to partner with local shops throughout the UK, offering an increasing range of delivery options. 

Grocery Delivery
Local Farmers- Locally best

Delivery from farmers

Moreover, Along with fresh food from the local grocery, we deliver a wide variety of fresh foods from local farmers. Our customers can order fresh organic milk, meat, vegetables, and more without needing to drive to a farm.

Booking services

Above all we provide a streamlined online appointment booking service, connecting you with the best local services. You can book an appointment from your local salon, schedule a MOT inspection, or book a car wash.

Salon Booking locally Best
Car Wash booking - Locally Best
Best marketplace for local businesses

Best marketplace for local businesses

Locally Best marketplace gives you a safe and easy way to buy, sell, and trade local goods. Connect with millions of people around the UK, both online and offline. We also offer a range of Seller Services and useful tools for creative entrepreneurs who want to start, manage, or scale their local businesses. Best marketplace for local businesses!